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We are so excited for our 2023 season! This year we will also be doing a few state prep workshops!  Keep checking back for more dates.


Eugene-Prelim TBA


Tri-Cities, WA-Prelim-TBA 

This is where your UM journey begins! Our preliminary event will include formal wear, open fashion, and personal introduction (7+)

All of our prelim contestants will qualify for our state pageant and will receive discounts based on placement. Divisional winners are not required to attend state, but will receive a special rate for state fees.

State Prep Workshop-NEW for 2023

Join us for a fun workshop to learn all about UM and prep for our state pageant. Workshops will include walking, mock interviews, personal intro help, wardrobe advice, hair and makeup tips, a Q/A with state and national queens, special Q/A for parents, and lunch. Workshop participants will get discounts off prelims and state. 

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